Uppe i vårt kalla och torra klimat är sensträngar känsliga mot temperaturväxlingar. 
Detta kan resultera i strängen stämmer ur sig eller i värsta fall att spinningen lossnar när senan krymper. För att eliminera det problemet kan man använda nylonsträngar som har känsla och sound av sensträngar. Presto är en sådan sträng, perfekt för jazz-, rockabilly- eller bluegrass musiker som söker det gamla "old school" soundet. Presto har en mörk, djup och stor ton med lång sustain. Low tension och snabbinspelade.


  Presto Nylonwound strings for double bass were designed to combine the unique sound of natural gut strings with the convinient properties of steel rope core strings. Unlike gut strings, Presto Nylonwound-strings strings stay in tune under temperature and humidity changes. They also have a short break-in time.  




Presto Nylonwound

Presto Nylonwound-strings have a dark and mellow, but big tone with a strong sustain. They are of comparable low tension. They are an excellent choice for jazz, rockabilly or bluegrass bass players, searching for this particular “old school” double bass sound. Presto Nylonwound-strings have a core of braided steel rope, wrapped with silk and metal wires. Finally, they are wound in a white-translucent polyamid monofil, and polished to a flat, smooth surface. Compared to other steel strings, Presto Nylonwound-strings are of very low tension. They are very easy to play. The thicker gauges and the smooth polyamid-surface lead to a very pleasant playing feel under your fingers.

Sizes: 3/4, 4/4         Gauges: Medium, Light and Ultralight

JL PNB-M     SET  Medium 

JL PNB-L      SET  Light

JL PNB-UL    SET  Ultra-Light 

Presto Nylonwound-strings are ideally suited for pizzicato and slapping techniques. For bowing, we recommend to roughen the bowing area with fine sandpaper, and to apply rosin directly on the strings. If strings of thinner gauges were used before, some setup work may be necessary at the saddle and bridge string notches. Due to their steel rope core, Presto Nylonwound-strings also work well with magnetic pickups.

Presto strings are available for orchestra tuning (GDAE) in three gauges:

colour code E A D G
medium - M red 3.80 mm
3.10 mm
2.50 mm
1.90 mm
light - L orange 3.60 mm
2.80 mm
2.40 mm
1.75 mm
ultralight - UL yellow 3.30 mm
2.55 mm
2.25 mm
1.65 mm

(colour code = colour of yarn winding at the ends of the string; diameters/string thicknesses in mm, tolerance +/- 0.02 mm)












































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