For a limited time we can offer you The Slap Cult Bass, 
supplied exclusively for Brinks by Jason Burns and his team.
For those of you that never got a chance to get a Slap King 
bass before the demise of King Doublebass this is your chance!
Due to the high demand we had for the Slap King bass, 
Jason made us these basses as a favor and we only have 
a few in stock. When they are gone, they are gone! 

With the same specifications as the Slap King but with a 
new name, this bass is the real deal! 


Slap Cult

Assembled in China but finish and set-up is done in the USA. The laminate wood body is 
constructed with the strongest glue on Earth, making it worthy of any touring bassist. The maple 

neck is steel reinforced for added strength and comes standard with ebony fingerboard, premium 
tuners and high quality endpi
n. The Slap Cult can be upgraded with your choice of pickup system. 
The Slap
Cult is professionally setup so it comes to you playable right out of the box.

Delivered with steelstrings.

Available in these colors:                                                                                
BCSC-bk   Jet Black/white trim        Price: 1.900:- EUR + VAT   SOLD OUT  24.995:- SEK inkl. moms
BCSC-t     Tangerine/white trim       Price: 1.900:- EUR + VAT  SOLD OUT  24.995:- SEK inkl. moms
BCSC-r     Blood Red/black trim       Price: 1.900:- EUR + VAT  SOLD OUT  24.995:- SEK inkl. moms
BCSC-ag   Anniversary Green        Price: 1.900:- EUR + VAT
  SOLD OUT  25.995:- SEK inkl. moms












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