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The cool uprightbasses from King Doublebass with a unique look and fantastic sound! 
Built to endure extensive touring and demanding studiosessions! 
Worldfamous through artists like Lee Rocker (Stray Cats), Jimbo Wallace 
(Reverend Horton Heat), John"Spazz"Hatton (Brian Setzer Orch.), Tiger Army etc.

We only have a few King products left in stock! When they are gone, they are gone!

Slap King       Sparkle King       Dollhead Pickup System       Gig-Bags       T-Shirts       King Guitars



Assembled in China but finish and set-up is done in the USA. The 5 ply laminate wood body is constructed with the strongest glue on Earth, making it worthy of any touring bassist. The maple neck is steel reinforced for added strength and comes standard with ebony fingerboard, premium tuners and high quality endpin. The Slap King can be upgraded with your choice of pickup system. The Slap King is professionally setup so it comes to you playable right out of the box.
Delivered with steelstrings.

Available in these colors:                                                                                         
KD SKO  Tangerine/white trim     2250:- EUR + VAT                                    24.000:- SEK inkl. moms  
                                                         Now "AS IS": 1125:- EUR + VAT  SOLD!      NU: 12.000:- SEK inkl. moms  SÅLD!

This is the last Slap King we have. Had a slightly warped neck which has been fixed by sanding the fingerboard. 

Now plays perfectly! We sell it "as is" for halfprice!!!





SPARKLE KING  FlameJob    Candy Apple Red with Yellow/Orange/Red Flames

Has a metalflake candy apple red sparkling finish with yellow to orange/red flames and green pinstripning. Constructed from top grade maple and spruce plywood. The hand-carved maple neck is steel reinforced for added strength. All King Doublebasses come standard with top grade ebony fingerboard. It is an ideal road bass for pro-musicians, stronger than your average bass. The Sparkle King finishes really set it apart. We use the coolest pearls, candies and base coats to finish our basses and each one is hand striped (no two are identical). The Sparkle King is professionally set-up by King Doublebass, when it is delivered to you it will play as good as it looks. A typical set-up would normally cost you $350.00 - $500.00. It is included at no extra charge. 

Price: 4.400:- EUR + VAT                  49.500:- SEK inkl. moms


  KING DOLL-HEAD Piezo Pick-up and Preamp

The King Doll Head piezo pickup system sounds so amazing, we are excited to have everyone hear it. There is a piezo pickup for the wing portion of your bridge and a piezo for the fingerboard to pick up slap. Run a stereo cable (not included) from your bass to the Doll Head blender box (pictured) where you have complete control of your tone through this sturdy box made of wood with a nice glossy finish. Powered by two 9-volt batteries.

KD pp  King Dollhead Pickup-system  

Price:  365:- EUR + VAT                3.995:- SEK inkl. moms
NOW!  270:- EUR + VAT            2.995:- SEK inkl. moms




A cool padded heavy duty cordura Gig-Bag  
with King logo and leopardfur innerlining.

We only have a few DAMAGED King Gig-Bags still in stock. 
are set by the degree of the damage. (Please see images below).
This is for the players who really wants a King Gig-Bag and who can possibly repair the bag themselves.

ORIGINAL PRICE WAS: 365 EUR + VAT               3.995:- SEK inkl. moms


2. Black Bag with ripped seam by the zipper        
Price "AS IS": 100:- EUR  + VAT                      1.100:- SEK inkl. moms

3. Red Bag with ripped seam by the zipper
Price "AS IS": 200:- EUR  + VAT                      2.200:- SEK inkl. moms

4. Red Bag with ripped seams on both sides
Price "AS IS": 75:- EUR  + VAT                           850:- SEK inkl. moms

5. Red Bag with ripped seam by the zipper 
Price "AS IS": 100:- EUR  + VAT          SOLD    1.100:- SEK inkl. moms  SÅLD    

6. Red Bag with very small rip by the seam
"AS IS":
300:- EUR  + VAT                      3.300:- SEK inkl. moms

7. Red Bag without King logo. Has a cigarette 
burn on the back plus a smaller rip by the zipper
Price "AS IS": 50:- EUR  + VAT                           550:- SEK inkl. moms




 2.      100:- EUR  + VAT

3.      200:- EUR  + VAT

4.      75:- EUR  + VAT

5.      100:- EUR  + VAT   SOLD    

6.      300:- EUR  + VAT

7.      50:- EUR  + VAT
Armless   17:- EUR + VAT            50/50   17:- EUR + VAT            Guts   17:- EUR + VAT             Snotty   17:- EUR + VAT 
X-L, L, Babydoll                           X-L,  L, M, Babydoll-S                     X-L, L, M, S                     X-L, L, Babydoll-M, Babydoll-S

  195:- SEK inkl. moms           195:- SEK inkl. moms                    195:- SEK inkl. moms                   195:- SEK inkl. moms





KING GUITARS are a division of King Doublebass. King guitars are handmade, painted, fretted and setup at our facility in Orange County, California. This means that we don't purchase our necks and bodies from an outside source, we cut, shape, route, sand and paint them ourselves. King is inspired by classic designs but wanted to add a few enhancements. We started building hollowbody guitars. Heck, we can build upright basses, why not? Our hollowbody is a double florentine cutaway. Kind of like a Gretsch meets an SG. The King Albert is a chambered V style guitar inspired by blues legends and built for people who stand out a little from the rest of the pack. We have always loved chambered teles and duojets. The King Marquis is built bring out the nuances that we love about these two guitars and combine them into one. The Marquette is the solidbody. Subtle, sexy and simple. Great to bang out rockabilly, punk, blues and whatever else...

KDTELE-C   King Custom Tele
    PRICE: 3.280 EUR + VAT             FÖRR: 34.995:- SEK inkl. moms     
NOW: 1.850 EUR
+ VAT SOLD!   NU: 19.995:- SEK inkl. moms  SÅLD!
This is a custom, handbuilt guitar with a chambered basswood body, a highly figured spalted maple top with lightning bolt F hole. Tortoise shell binding. Flamed hard maple neck, ebony fretboard with abalone inlays, scale 25 1/4", Jumbo frets, Nut width 1.70". Tune-O-Matic Bridge and Bigsby-style tremolo tailpiece. Waverly type Tuners. TV Jones pickups. Coffin Case. 
Sounds and plays amazing!



KDMARQUETTE-R   King Marguette Relic
    PRICE: 2.340 EUR + VAT              FÖRR: 24.995:- SEK inkl. moms     
                                                                          NOW: 1.340 EUR
+ VAT SOLD!    NU: 14.995:- SEK inkl. moms 

Handbuilt solidbody guitar with a relic finish. Louisiana Cypress body. Hard maple neck with rosewood fretboard, scale 24 1/4", Jumbo frets, Nut width 1.70". Tune-O-Matic Bridge and Bigsby-style tremolo tailpiece. Sperzel Tuners. Seymour Duncan P-90 pickup. Antique White. Coffin Case. 
True Rockabilly Guitar!



KDMARQBASS     King Marguette BASS    
    PRICE: 2.800 EUR + VAT         FÖRR: 29.995:- SEK inkl. moms     
                                                                            NOW: 1.500 EUR
+ VAT           NU: 15.995:- SEK inkl. moms 

Handbuilt solidbody shortscale bass. Louisiana Cypress body. Hard maple neck with ebony fingerboard, scale 32". Badass II Bridge. Hipshot Ultralight Tuners. TV Jones ThunderTron pickups. Antique White. Coffin Case. 






 Lee Rocker  (Stray Cats)             Spazz (Brian Setzer Orch.)             Spazz & Chops at NAMM 2004              Jimbo Wallace  (Rev. Horton Heat)


JASON BURNS and the Story about KING Doublebass


It's an old maxim: If you want it done right, do it yourself. Frustrated by the lack of durable, quality instruments and hardware on the market, King Doublebass founder, president, and accomplished bassist Jason Burns took it upon himself to build his own basses and to get it right.

"When I was touring with an upright bass, I couldn't keep it together and when I got it to stay together I couldn't get it loud enough to be heard over the rest of the band. So I decided to make my own," says Burns of the modest beginnings of what has become one of the hottest companies specializing in building custom upright basses. Touring over the years with bands such as Hank III, C.C. Adcock, and The Road Kings, Burns developed and refined the product line which has catapulted his company to the top of the industry. "I got input from people like Lee Rocker and Jimbo Wallace--those guys have been playing on the road and in studios long enough to have a really good idea of what needs to go into the design and crafting of professional quality instruments. It's not enough for the instrument to look and sound great. It's got to hold up. It has to be able to take the abuse of a 40 show tour and sound the same at the last show as it did at the first." That means that a King instrument is built to last. Burns uses premium quality woods, steel reinforced necks, and proprietary crafting techniques to ensure that his instruments' durability standards match those of their look and sound. The result is an instrument of unparalleled quality which has become the bass of choice for the best musicians in the world. Both Jimbo Wallace and Lee Rocker play King instruments and each even has his own pro model which Burns manufactures according to their exacting specifications. Both product lines have become popular among players for their great tone, solid build, and head-turning appearance.

"We use pearl, metal-flake, and candy finishes even on our stock models," says Burns, "it's more complicated to do it that way but I think it's important that these instruments look as good as they sound." King Doublebass' custom shop is equipped to further accentuate the basses with special finishes and hand-painted pinstripes done by highly regarded artists.

As King Doublebass grows and expands its distribution network, Burns remains committed to building each instrument with the same care and quality that has made his company a success. He says, "I still oversee the production of every single instrument that comes out of here. I want everybody who orders a King instrument to rest assured that they're getting the best instrument available." While the company positions itself for steady growth, players of King basses remain satisfied in knowing that somebody finally got it right.

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